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Message from the President

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Ueda Yagi Securities website. We, Ueda Yagi Securities Co., Ltd. (“UYS”), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ueda Yagi Tanshi Co., Ltd. (“UYT”), as UYT span off their Trust Fund Department hedge fund distribution business to UYS in 2007. To provide more investment opportunities of alternative investment products for institutional investors in Japan, we have expanded our line of fund-related businesses such as fund distribution business, non-discretionary investment advisory business and discretionary investment management business. Since UYT commenced its hedge fund distribution business in 1999, we have built up 20 years of experience in searching alternative investment products, conducting due diligences and ongoing monitoring, and building long-term relationships with a variety of investment managers in alternative investment business. The edge of our company is backed by our accumulated expertise, experienced professionals and, among other things, our culture of rigorous team work. The result of our efforts is our reputation as a highly valued business partner among many pension fund clients and financial institutions in Japan. As the financial markets are constantly changing and become more volatile, we believe that institutional investors need an expanded set of investment opportunities, and more importantly, alternative investments for obtaining superior and absolute returns. Alternative investment strategies are also evolving over time to adapt to changes in the conditions of the financial markets. With this in mind, from now on, and more than ever, our company makes a firm commitment to promoting alternative investment business with a spirit of good team work.

Takaoki Makino

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