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Message from CEO

 It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Ueda Yagi Securities website.
 Ueda Yagi Securities Co., Ltd. (“UYS”) was founded in 2007, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ueda Yagi Tanshi Co., Ltd. (“UYT”), aiming to provide fund sales business for financial institutions. As a part of Ueda Yagi Group, we currently provide discretionary investment management services for pension funds, university endowments and family offices, and private placement investment services mainly for financial institutions.
 Over the past 20 years, we have accumulated extensive product search and due dilligence experience including alternative investments. In addtion, through our own research and analysis, we have been highly selective and introduced truly exceptional products while conducting thorough follow-ups. Our sincere and dilligent approach is not limited to our investors but also to all parties involved in the fund management business. in doing so, we have built a solid network with leading domestic and international investment managers and also gained tremendous support from many investors.
 In today's rapidly changing market environment, investment products and investors' needs are becoming more diversified. In order to respond tactically to such environment, we have defined our mission: "to serve as a "Key Stone" (Kaname) that connects investors with a wide variety of financial products and strive to advance investor interests." We will continue to work dilligently to realize our commitment.
 We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Investment Officer
Nobukazu Kawahigashi

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